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What kinds of classes do you offer?  
We offer small group fitness classes such as: State-of-the-art Spinning®, Spinning® fusion classes, TRX,  pilates mat, yoga, boot camps, boxing bootcamp, and kickboxing. 
Do you offer personal training?  
Yes and along with personal training we offer nutritional counseling and tracking of your fitness goals. We also have a new personal and group training model called myZone training. Heart rate monitors are used to bring you to your maximum calorie burn.
How long do I have to sign up for personal training?  
Personal training and myZone training is a month to month commitment that automatically renews.
Can I come in for a complimentary class to see if I like the classes at Taylor-Made Fitness?  
Yes! For new clients come in and take a class.  Just call 203-538-5175 or email at info@taylormadefitness to set up your free class.
Is there a membership fee?  
Yes there is an annual membership fee of $50. This fee is to let you participate and use our booking system of classes. We also provide a clean towel for every visit. Just think, no added stress to your day about whether there is room in a group fitness class. Purchasing your annual membership is done first before being able to purchase any class card or unlimited monthly group class option. So, first step, click on the blue annual membership fee words above and that will prompt you to create an account and then purchase this membership. After purchasing this membership you can click on the rates and membership tab and purchase the card or monthly unlimited class options.
What is the booking system?  
The booking system for Taylor-Made Fitness classes is what makes us unique. No need to arrive early to wrestle for a bike, mat, or spot on the TRX. When booking on-line, there is a floor plan where computerized bikes are numbered and you reserve the bike you want up to 1 week in advance. Please note: To ensure that everyone can participate in our classes there will be a cancellation policy of canceling 2 hours before the time of the class you signed up for.  Otherwise, we will charge you for that class. We ask all to be mindful of this, as it one day may be you that wanted to participate in a class and you thought it was full, but really a member did not cancel and we had an empty spot! 
What if I cannot get to a computer to sign up for a class?  
No worries! You can download our mobile app on your phone where you can quickly look up the class you are interested in to see if there is a spot for you! We hope with our extensive group class offerings, there will be a class and time that works for you!