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10 Reasons to Work Out With Us at Taylor-Made Fitness!

1. We care about you! We help members set goals and reach them. We give you the White Glove Service :)

2. You get Positive Social Interaction and Support from not only the owners, but from the members. Our members rock!

3. We value member feedback and apply it to new programs and classes.

4. We have experienced and qualified instructors.

5. There are a variety of glass genres and membership options (Personal training, small group, group classes)

6. Due to small group class sizes, you always receive a lot of personal attention

7. Our membership options have affordable pricing

8. There are a lot of outside fun events to participate in: group runs and races, bike rides, fundraisers

9. It is easy to sign up for a class and we give you a 2 hour cancellation policy prior to class to change your mind.

10. There is more! There is Nutrition Support from a nutritionist with medical grade supplements.


Taylor Made Fitness Summer Arm Challenge

Taylor Made Fitness is doing a Summer Arm Challenge. Click here to go to the daily log. Those with the most logs over the month will win a class pass series. Also, if you tag #TMFSummerArmChallenge on Instagram or Facebook with a pic of you doing the challenge, the results, or anything else related to the challenge, you can win a class pass.


Kids Fitness Clinic


Kids clinic is full and ready to start for today. Want to get your kids involved for the next session? Go to our website to find our more information or ask Patty, Renee or @makoski22 who runs the clinics! Next session begins the weekend of March 20 and we are now offering 2pm Saturday and 1pm Sunday sessions.



FLN Program and Metagenix


It has been 4 weeks and it is strange how a scale works. We all are looking for the pounds to drop off as we make drastic changes to our eating habits. I can rely on the scale which sometimes shows I am down 4 pounds and sometimes 7 pounds. Or I can rely on how my clothes fit. I am down 2 sizes and back into my size 6 clothes, which I did not throw away hoping someday I would wear one of my all time favorite dresses! And I can! Having an ultra meal shake each day has changed my body composition drastically. I have not been able to lose the fat in my upper body for years! Now I am comfortable in all of my tops, jackets and under garments. I am down almost 2 percent of body fat with some lose in weight. You would not believe how you feel with the lose of fat and a gain in muscle. Body composition is the key to a healthier you! Thank you Metagenics for manufacturing a product that is true to what it is. Helping me change my body composition from fat to muscle. I am so excited to see what the next 4 weeks will bring.