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Eating Well While Traveling

I have been on the Metagenics meal plan now for 12 weeks and am happy to report I have hit my goal weight and a few pounds below that as well. I have been basically home with little travel for the past 12 weeks and I have just come back from a 6 day trip.

When I packed I decided I would bring nuts and seed mix that I made myself. It includes pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and pistachio nuts(shelled). I made small snack bags of the mix with 2 tablespoons of the mix. I also packed bags of 15 almonds along with my ultra meal bars.

Then I decided I should really bring my ultra meal protein powder just in case I am struggling with food choices. I had a shaker that I brought along with me as well. I know this sounds so weird that I packed all of this food but I found that at meals I was not able to get 4 oz. of protein and beans and category 2 vegetables were unheard of. The protein part was easy because before I left for dinner I would have a protein shake which was my afternoon snack with a piece of fruit that I was able to find at breakfast time and just saved an apple or orange for later. Also at breakfast I would take 2 hard boiled eggs and save it for lunch time to put in my salad.

Oh, I forgot to share that I was at an all inclusive resort and eating at buffets for breakfast and lunch. I was with many people who watched me eat all day and couldn’t understand how I was losing weight. It was a little comical. It is when you leave your meals to chance that everything falls apart. I still had dessert at dinner and enjoyed some good food but I really worked on my portion size and trying to keep within the 9 food groups.

I have to say my traveling nutrition was a success!! The most important habit that I find that keeps me on track is journaling what I eat. I always have a list going in my notes on my phone that I look at before I decide what I am going to eat next. Otherwise, I absolutely cannot remember what I eat. Things just go in my mouth without my brain recording it so that is why I have to write it down. I think this is the same for all of us!