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Guide To Prepping Meals

The key to success with the Metagenics 12 Week Nutrition Program is preparing. If you are not prepared with the right foods, it is a struggle. 

This past week I was not prepared. I can feel it. I am bloated, tired, eating the wrong things. But we all have those weeks. When you go through the program you will learn about the ups and downs. There are downs. We are all human, but it is if we get back on that horse and try again that counts. 

1) Plan out your meals. Yes, everyone tells you this. But on Saturday sit there and plan out what you or your family will be eating for the next week. It may be hard to do but it is the best idea. This way you are taking the thinking out of cooking during the week when we all are so busy. 

2) If you have a crockpot - live by it. It is super easy to cut up veggies and protein and put them into bags. Then in the morning just pop them in a crock pot with some spices and approved fat and oils. Then when you get home 8 hours later you are all set! If you simply google online or go to Pinterest there are a ton of ideas. 

3) Cook in abundance. After going to the store on Sunday or Saturday, cook a huge amount of protein and veggies. Cook your rice and oatmeal. Cook whatever you can in bulk so you do not have to worry about doing it during the week. 

4) Lunches are hard. If you do not get up early enough you won’t be prepared. If you are too tired at night. You will have to eat out. So if you can cook your lunches before, or make sure you are prepared to take left overs as a lunch do it. 

5) Car Snacks are the best. Have some almonds in the car or a Ultra-meal bar. Everyone if on the go. This will help curve hunger and keep you on track.