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Patty Taylor is a vibrant and enthusiastic fitness professional who has been in the fitness industry over 27 years.  She is a competitive athlete in both marathons and triathlons, as well as an avid cyclist and enjoys mountain bike and bikram yoga.  She shares this passion with her clients often cheering them on at the finish line.
Patty hold a BS degree in Exercise Science from Southern Connecticut State University.  She is certified trainer through RTS, resistance training specialist.  RTS is the top bio-mechanics certification in the country.  Patty is certified through Mad Dogg Athletics for spinning and also certified TRX instructor.  She also is current in First Aid, CPR and defibrillator training.
Patty currently lives with her 3 children and husband in Shelton.  After realizing her potential and the impact she can make in her own community, she decided to break out on her own and create Taylor Made Fitness.

Patty instructs the following:
  • Spin/TRX
  • 40 minutes of spin followed by 20 minutes of TRX.  Come get your perfect blend of cardio and strength training in. 

  • SPINcircuit
  • The ultimate workout! 40 minutes of spin and 20 minutes of   Get it all done in just 60 intense minutes! Circuit involves TRX, kettlebell, dumbbell and body weight exercises.

  • SPIN30
  • 30 minutes on the bike following a strength, endurance or interval ride. Pumping music, challenging ride and BIG rewards!  

  • Small Group Training

  • FIT
  • You heard of Crossfit..this is Taylor Made Fit.  More free weights, barbells and cross training.  Focus on form first to build strength and muscular endurance.
    *This class is more independent in nature and is mostly based on individual time.  Length of time of class is based on one's own pace.

  • PUMP!
  • A full body weight training class designed to keep boredom away and get a great strength training workout! A choreographed routine utilizing weighted bars and a step.  

  • Row TRX
  • Intervals of Rowing with Intervals of TRX training.  Get the best of both worlds when combining full body cardio on the rower with body weight exercises utilizing the TRX

  • Rowcircuit
  • Row intervals with strength training!

  • ROW H.I.I.T
  • High intensity interval circuit training mixed in with drills on the rowing machine.  Fast pace and lots of plyometrics!

  • Barre
  • Set to fun and energetic music, each class incorporates an upper body workout with weights and a combination of high-intensity sequences of thigh, seat and core exercises at the barre.