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Brittany instructs the following:
  • Small Group Training

  • Boot Camp
  • Come join us for an invigorating 50 minute class that focuses on "time under tension"! This class utilizes plyoboxes, medicine balls, bands, jump ropes and TRX suspension trainers. Great for any level.

  • FIT
  • You heard of Crossfit..this is Taylor Made Fit.  More free weights, barbells and cross training.  Focus on form first to build strength and muscular endurance.
    *This class is more independent in nature and is mostly based on individual time.  Length of time of class is based on one's own pace.

  • Row TRX
  • Intervals of Rowing with Intervals of TRX training.  Get the best of both worlds when combining full body cardio on the rower with body weight exercises utilizing the TRX

  • Rowcircuit
  • Row intervals with strength training!

  • ROW H.I.I.T
  • High intensity interval circuit training mixed in with drills on the rowing machine.  Fast pace and lots of plyometrics!